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About The Art
Gerard Campbell has been painting for twenty years. Several years ago he realized that he was no longer content to merely paint the interesting landscapes of the world that surrounded him. Instead, he also wanted to depict, in his paintings, the environmental and social injustices he saw around him – in the hope that his art would influence its viewers to respond more responsibly to the social and environmental issues that impact our world.

Gerard hopes to offer for sale every few months, a new work depicting a particular environmental or social issue – and he hopes to present it with an underlying thread of humour. In keeping with his commitment to the environment, Gerard uses as much environmentally-friendly material as possible in his original artwork and prints, while still maintaining the quality and durability of his work.

This current series of paintings, starting with ‘Child’s Play’, is based on Gerard’s concern for the environment. The series will consist of 5 to 6 paintings depicting how we are poisoning the earth and ourselves through our current farming practices (Child’s Play) , outdated logging practices (A Salute To Mother nature), a new dust bowl (Dust Bowl 2012), polluting the oceans (Out of Sight...Out of Your Mind) and the forest fire plague.

Gerard will also explain his design philosophy and the painting process he goes through for each painting by sharing his development sketches and colour studies.

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  Featured Work

Milking Time
This latest offering by Gerard Campbell  depicts the disappearing family farm.

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